About Tuebora:

Based in Santa Clara, CA, USA and Bangalore, India, Tuebora was founded by pioneers in access governance. Tuebora represents the “third-wave” of Identity and Access Management (IAM). With the application of machine learning and a complete suite of IAM products, Tuebora is a “self-driven”, agile, adaptive, and real-time IAM solution. Our customers experience increased employee productivity and lowered risk of identity-based attacks. Tuebora is backed by Citrix Systems and has been recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor.

Tuebora IAM Platform is the ideal fit deployments for the following reasons:

  • Next-Generation Architecture: Tuebora Identity Platform is innovatively designed to easily meet immediate requirements yet scale for the future and unlike others: NOT rigidly bound by legacy designs. It is real-time, adaptive, and easy to customize and integrate with all applications including other IAM solutions. It is people-centric with a user-friendly interface for users and administrators for ALL devices. It has unmatched innovations for WYSIWYG (no-coding) workflows, services, and connector creation. It has robust analytics that also support self-optimization.
  • Superior Time and Cost advantage: Tuebora platform cuts cost with many out-of-the-box features and unique innovations that include self-learning algorithms, continuous compliance, a large library OOB connectors and unmatched builders for APIs and workflows. All this combined drastically reduces deployment and customizations cost and project timelines. Tuebora deployment costs are comparatively low as we are able to realize the advantage our next generation architecture.

Tuebora IAM Differentiators

Tuebora’s IAM Product Suite supports all IAM use cases and also enables steps needed for continuous IAM.

Tuebora’s Self-Driven IAM Analytics Platform

Tuebora’s complete suite of identity and access management solutions supports the identity and access life cycle across cloud and on-premises environments. All Tuebora products run on a management platform that supports Tuebora and third-party IAM products. Tuebora combines provisioning analytics and user behavior analytics to learn your team’s provisioning behaviors and employee account usage. Tuebora continuously suggests provisioning efficiencies and looks to excess and unused access. This allows Tuebora to:

  1. Proactively suggests identity and access provisioning policy changes
  2. Alerts you to orphaned and unused and time restricted accounts
  3. Watches for add/remove/change errors
  4. Provides the ability to orchestrate autonomous or semi- 
autonomous user privilege and access provisioning actions
  5. Automates metrics reporting across your IAM deployment

Tuebora’s Unique Machine Learning Benefits

Adding machine learning to IAM means new employees are more productive and adding business value more quickly. Access provisioning templates are made dynamic and adjust to changing business needs. You are alerted to unused accounts on business applications that are costing you money and raising your risk. Governance is continuously audited reducing compliance costs. Reducing the possibility of identity and data access provisioning errors also lowers risk. 
Realizing the long promised benefit of IAM is possible for businesses of all sizes using Tuebora’s platform.

Tuebora’s APIs: The Power of the Identity Analytics Service Bus

Identity and access management is woven throughout an organization and its business systems. The access and privilege needs of individuals and departments require constant real-time communication between department and systems for security, compliance and competitive advantage. Tuebora’s APIs and micro services provide interoperability with dozens of IAM infrastructure and business products for automation of provisioning processes. This also means support for hybrid cloud and on premise deployments.

The Tuebora IAM Product Suite

Tuebora’s IAM Product Suite supports all IAM use cases: Single Sign-on, Password Management, Access Governance, Data Access Governance, integration with IT Service Management (ITSM). Additionally, Tuebora provides tools for generating System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM) compliant connectors.

Tuebora Governance

Tuebora’s Governance Solution provides Identity Life cycle management, access certification, access request, access control features and employs machine learning to monitor identity as well as access provisioning and usage behaviors to find provisioning efficiencies and security issues.  This takes place while your team continues to work inside your current identity and access management processes. An appropriate analogy would be a car that performs continuous diagnostics, monitors your driving habits and environment, and alerts you to efficiencies that would help you get to your destination faster and in the most efficient manner, with the least amount of risk.

Tuebora Password Management

Tuebora Pass provides superior return on investment by reducing costs related to password management through reduced helpdesk costs, increased security, and employee efficiency. Tuebora Pass supports Multiple Self-Service Channels, MFA, customized password policies, password synchronization, alerting, and reporting.

Tuebora Single Sign-on

Tuebora SSO provides reliable, secure, and comprehensive single-sign-on (SSO) across on-premise and Cloud applications that are Web, “Thick-Client,” or native mobile applications. Tuebora SSO provides organizations with improved security and increased adoption in using the applications, thereby increasing ROI. Tuebora SSO supports thousands of out-of-box apps/assets, including 32+ social login providers.

Tuebora ITSM

Tuebora ITSM enables enterprises to leverage their existing investments in ITSM tools and/or access request systems to manage the process of access request and still achieve desired level of automation efficiencies in access provisioning. Using Tuebora ITSM customers can integrate multiple heterogeneous access request systems in use and get a consolidated view and also track all access requests and corresponding provisioning actions there by providing tighter security and governance.

Tuebora SCIM

Tuebora’s System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM) is a GUI-based stand-alone connector design tool that generates SCIM compliant connectors for non-SCIM applications. Tuebora SCIM standardizes integration and reduces time developing connectors, all without the need for SMEs.