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Many of the businesses are opting for a trustworthy resource, and this is where Source IT can offer some of its greatest value by offering a virtualized IT team to work as a team with the internal IT department and support the growing needs of the organization.
While internal IT departments can make day to day running easier, every CIO or IT manager worries about the following situations:
  • Challenges faced due to non-availability of resources
  • Critical problems that arises due to gap in skill sets of existing resources
  • Undertaking Projects that requires extra resources
  • Ready availability of manpower to implement solutions which requires specialized skill sets
  • Requirements for an external, non-biased opinion on an issue or project
  • Expertise that can assist in finding new streams for revenue generation, identify and keep abreast of new security threats and support in innovation and digital transformation

We work with IT managers and IT teams in these circumstances every day. We routinely:
  • Offer assistance to help cover gaps due to resource non availability
  • Assist internal IT staff with necessary training's to bridge up the gaps in skill sets
  • Provide skill sets to go that extra mile for specialized or un forecasted projects
  • Assist with general issues when existing manpower is stretched or unavailable
  • Provide infrastructure design and implementation services
  • Meet with CIOs and IT managers to discuss strategy
  • Implement and verify security, disaster recovery, high availability and other solutions

Our skilled team can supplement and assist you when you need it and provide you with tools and knowledge to improve your environment, make your jobs easier and help you achieve better outcomes for your company with less expenditure.
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