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MSB's platform ensures enterprises achieve and maintain compliance by validating our software against crucial industry regulations. Every part of the signing process is recorded and time-stamped in our comprehensive audit trails. This provides data and transparency for regulatory compliance and legal evidence. MSB also integrates with multi-factor authentication such as hardware tokens and one-time passwords.


MSB is a cloud-based digital workflow and eSigning solution that allows complete automation and control over key aspects of your paper-based document processes.


Electronic Signing

Choose electronic signing that scale with your business workflow and send documents for signing to any number of people. With MSB Docs, it's easy to sign any document on any device, anywhere electronically.

Digital Signing

To verify the authenticity of digital messages or documents, MSB Docs offers digital signatures that give a recipient compelling reason to believe that a known sender created the message.

Mobile App

Sign, send, and store documents on the go using MSB Docs mobile app available for both Android and IOS users.

Document Templates

When similar documents are being sent to different recipients in routine, then saving them as a document template is the most significant advantage offered by MSB Docs.

Workflow Templates

Workflow represents the list of recipients, the type of documents shared and the way these documents are going to be signed. If this workflow repeats every now and then, you can save it as a workflow template with MSB Docs.

API Library

MSB Docs provides its clients with simple, flexible, powerful access to many REST & SOAP APIs.

Optional White Label Branding

Avail optional white-label branding in which we remove our brand and logo from the product and instead use our client’s branding.

Regulatory Compliance

MSB Docs adheres to and meets the most demanding regulatory compliance including FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EMA, IT Act 2000 and HIPAA compliance that are required for e-signatures and digital signatures across the globe.

Private Cloud

A private cloud is provided to all the users of MSB Docs, which is only accessible by them. This enhances the collaboration, reduces the storage cost, and mitigate the security risks as well.

PKI Integration

MSB Docs adopts Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), a standard and accepted format to provide the highest levels of security and universal acceptance of Digital Signatures.

Tamper Proofing

MSB Docs has a tamper-proofing system for all its users that hinders, deters, or detects unauthorized access of the documents stored in the MSB Docs cloud repository.

Secure Audit Trail

A secure audit trail is referred to a record in a chronological sequence of document transactions that happened in the MSB Docs platform.

Reminders and Notifications

Set up reminders and notifications that are triggered at a specific time, and get the documents signed from the recipient or find out actions on the documents.

Document Validation

MSB Docs provides validation of the documents within its in-built document validation system. This lets you authenticate the signature’s digital ID certificate status and document’s integrity without putting your manual effort.

Advanced Fields

Reduce errors and streamline processes by creating smart forms with formulas and conditional fields.

Real-Time True PDF Form Fields

Both flatten, and real-time true PDF form fields can be added using the MSB Docs platform that is an essential requirement for 21 CFR FDA Part 11 compliance acceptance.

Signer Attachments

With MSB Docs, signers have the privilege to upload any required and/or optional documents while completing the signing process.

Bulk Compose

Documents which are required to be sent to multiple recipients, with both dynamic and static content, can be easily created in bulk with MSB’s automation algorithm and the individual unique copies of the document are delivered to the stakeholders for reviewal, approval or the signing process.


On-demand customization of the platform is provided to all the users so that they can avail the unique functionality according to their needs.

Metadata Tags

Metadata tags can be added to each document stored in the cloud repository to fulfill smart categorization purposes.

SSO Integration

For easy access to the platform, opt a single sign-on integration in which a single ID and password can be used to gain access to any of several related applications.

Team Room

MSB's Team Room offers collaboration on documents - in real time - asynchronously or synchronously, advanced user management (define roles to different users) and document versioning (track of changes in the document).

External App Integration

MSB Docs enables an external application to integrate with its system using REST & SOAP APIs and standard protocols.


It's easy to send and receive real-time comments on the documents regarding the information provided in it. These comments could be a suggestion or a mandatory change in the document before it is signed

Partial Clients

  • Texcap Financial LLC
  • Worldcare Clinical
  • National Cancer Institute
  • Shiseido
  • Pfizer
  • Vivopharm
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Icon
  • GSK
  • Roche
  • Practo
  • Headway Consulting
  • Canadian Plasma Resources
  • Lean RAQA
  • Eurofins
  • Accurex