Huawei Distributors

Source IT is an authorized Huawei partner and distributors in Dubai, UAE. Dealing in the wide range of product lines, offering a complete IT Network solution for SMB and Enterprise level organizations.

Huawei, is recognized as a global leader in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) solutions. Designed around a customer-center and vision. Huawei solutions provide end-to-end cover age for telecom networks, devices and cloud computing environments – creating maximum value through the use of innovative communications and information technologies.

Huawei Routers – Huawei Routing Solutions

Huawei Routers products range include AR G3 Series, Industrial and NE Routers providing complete range for small business to enterprise and their branches integrating various features and functions.

Huawei Switches – Huawei Switching Solutions

Huawei offers switching solution with unmatched performance, scalability and reliability for enterprise datacenters, cloud computing services and switching solution for SOHO and SMB.

Huawei IP Telephony Solutions

Integrating voice, data, video, and service streaming technologies, Huawei UC applications can be used in various scenarios, with eSpace UC terminals available for enterprise employees to access VoIP, collaborative conferencing, remote training, and office applications securely anytime anywhere.

Huawei Wireless Solutions

Apply to enterprise office networks and wireless campus networks, and feature fine-grained management and wireless access, industry-leading forwarding capacity, and full compliance with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, helping build high-quality competitive WLANs.